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The Chaffee Company warrants this equipment to be free from defects in materials and workmanship is for a period of 1 (one) year from factory shipment. This warranty does not extend to wearing parts and consumable parts such as, sealing bands, coating bands, wiper pads, release agents and fuses.

The purchaser will be required to maintain, operate and adjust the equipment in accordance with the instructions contained in the accompanying manual.

This warranty does not cover damages caused by neglect or misuse, nor from failure to reasonably guard against damages caused by freezing of water in the hoses, blocks, and connections of water-cooled models. Misalignment, overloads and other damages resulting form the introduction of unintended materials into the operating section of the equipment are excluded.

This warranty shall include replacement of faulty parts and adjustment or replacement labor performed by sellerís personnel at sellerís factory. Items requiring replacement and equipment requiring labor shall be returned to the factory freight prepaid. Seller shall pay return freight. Authorization is required for all return and services.

Rocklin, California
*Revised 7/2007

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